Diane Meyer Simon follows Martin Bäumle as Chairperson of Green Cross International (GCI)

Diane Meyer-Simon takes over the chairmanship of Green Cross International from Martin Bäumle as per 1 July 2019. Martin Bäumle will resign as Chairman but stay on the Board of Directors of GCI. At the same time, Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker will resigns as a board member of GCI.

Martin Bäumle became Chairman of GCI in February 2017 when GCI was faced with a negative organizational capital of CHF 1.8 m that was accumulated under the former management. During his tenure as Chairman of GCI, Martin Bäumle assumed a big responsibility for the organization, restructured GCI substantially by implementing a leaner structure and cost savings and was able to reduce the negative organizational capital to CHF 0.1 m. Martin Bäumle will hand over a sound and financially restructured organization to his successor Diane Meyer Simon. In June 2019, the financial statements for 2018 were approved by the Board of Directors, and Martin Bäumle was able to present a positive outlook for 2019.

Martin Bäumle resigns as Chairman to reduce his workload and to concentrate on Green Cross Switzerland. The Board of Directors thanks Martin Bäumle for his great efforts for the benefit of GCI in recent years and is very happy and grateful that Martin Bäumle will continue as a board member and contribute to the further development of GCI with his experience and knowledge. The Board of Directors also thanks Prof. Dr. von Weizsäcker for his work during the past years, his excellent advice regarding environmental issues and his farsightedness in difficult times.

Diane Meyer Simon is the founder of Global Green US which she founded following a Moscow Board Meeting of Green Cross International (GCI) in August 1993 with President Mikhail Gorbachev. Since then, Diane has committed herself to personally spear-heading the GG USA agenda and molding a message of international environmental responsibility for an American audience. She is currently the Co-Chair of Global Green US and an early member of GCI.

Geneva, 24 June 2019

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