Earth Charter Hosts Summit to highlight sustainability

The Earth Charter Climate Change Community Summit brought together leaders and scientists to discuss locally based solutions to climate change, including Green Cross International President Alexander Likhotal, who spoke at the event. Organised by Earth Charter US and held on Saturday 11 October at the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida, the Summit highlighted sustainability initiatives in business, education and government in more than 25 locations, such as Honolulu, Hawaii, Okinawa, Japan, Hamburg, Germany and Bournemouth, UK.

Other speakers at the event included Dr. Gary Yohe, a senior member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Bill Becker, the executive director of the Presidential Climate Action, and NASA scientist and Columbia University professor James Hansen.
The summit also celebrated the fact that 2008 is the United Nations’ International Year of Planet Earth, and was broadcast via webcast in participating cities. The summit included the awarding of the Sustainable Business Awards on Friday, 10 October to 15 Tampa Bay area businesses in three different categories whose efforts have demonstrated sustainable business practices as well as social, economic and environmental responsibility.
The Earth Charter is an international declaration of values and principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society.
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