Earth Dialogue 2002 Lyon, France: Roundtables

The event included eight roundtables, which addressed four themes: The ethical challenges in promoting sustainable development; The role of ethical norms in promoting sustainable development; Policy recommendations for action and implementation; and Political strategies for Johannesburg and beyond.

  • Roundtable 1 on Economic sustainability: Comprising representatives of international economic institutions, made a number of policy recommendations for action and implementation in the areas of trade, finance, and the role of the World Bank/IMF.
  • Roundtable 2 on Sustainable development and business: Attended by representatives of business and industry, made recommendations for mechanisms of international regulation and means of implementing sustainable development policies for business and administrations.
  • Roundtable 3 on Sustainability and media: Comprising members of media and communication, provided ideas for concrete actions to promote media coverage of issues related to sustainable development.
  • Roundtable 4 on Multilateralism: Consisting of parliamentarians and government representatives, outlined 12 policy recommendations for Johannesburg, including the establishment of a World Parliament, a World Environment Court and the development of professional ethical codes.
  • Roundtable 5 on Political structures: Including representatives of international institutions, addressed ethics, governance, subsidiary, international organizations, and the agenda for Monterrey and Johannesburg.
  • Roundtable 6 on Partnerships: Panellists, representing religious and spiritual leaders, identified and elaborated on key areas for collaboration between religious and other institutions.
  • Roundtable 7 on Funding: NGO representatives recommended a focus on partnership, coalition, and public awareness for Johannesburg, as well as support to small enterprises and an international fund for sustainable development.
  • Roundtable 8 on Political action: Comprising of former foreign ministers, recommended that the Earth Dialogue organizers form a Political Action Committee to look more thoroughly at key issues and put pressure on participants at the WSSD to deliver on the issues.

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