Theme: “The Ethical Dimensions of the Evolving Security and Sustainability Agendas in the Mediterranean and the World at Large”

Date: 4-6 Februrary, 2004

Venue: Casa Llotja del Mar


This edition of the Earth Dialogues brought to the discussion the proposal of a new global agenda of peace and security based on the ethical principles of sustainability and respect for diversity.  Even though it focused mainly on the Mediterranean region, it also discussed global themes.  Some important topics were reaffirmed, such as the importance of diminishing the gap between rhetoric and practice and the need of increasing the participation of the public sector within the Earth Dialogues debate.


Green Cross International in collaboration with the city of Barcelona organized the Earth Dialogues Barcelona, as an official launch event for the Universal Forum of Cultures Barcelona 2004.  The Forum Barcelona 2004 was a platform for thinking differently about three interrelated challenges: sustainable development, cultural diversity, and conditions for peace.  Sharing the central goals of the Forum Barcelona 2004, the Earth Dialogues Barcelona addressed the challenge of forging a new global agenda for peace and security that is grounded in the ethical values of sustainability and diversity.


Increasing tensions on the world scene, escalating terrorism, religious intolerance, environmental degradation, and the systematic violation of human rights all demonstrate more than ever the need to understand the diverse roots of conflicts, as well as the links between poverty, environmental deterioration and scarcity, and peace and security.  The Dialogues examined the ecological, human and economic dimensions of the expanding concept of security, and addressed the key ethical challenges of forging a deeper and longer-lasting global commitment to the values of sustainability, diversity, and peace and security.

The discussion paper addresses the following themes:

  • The new global sustainability ethics;
  • The new and emerging sustainable security challenges;
  • The WSSD advances and retreats;
  • The critical path forward.

Three parallel working groups each addressed the following themes:

  • The new and emerging sustainability challenges and their ethical underpinnings;
  • The new and emerging security challenges and their ethical underpinnings; and
  • Strategies for advancing the Johannesburg agenda.