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Realizing the Opportunities of a World in Transformation

Journalist, BFM TV

Ulysse Gosset, foreign affairs columnist for BFMTV, the number one French television news channel, is a professional journalist with extensive experience covering world affairs: the fall of the Soviet Union, Bill Clinton’s Presidency, 9/11 and America under attack, George W. Bush at the White House, the 2008 world financial crisis and the G20 Summits. He is also an interviewer for Politique Internationale, Paris, France, the main French foreign policy review.

Ulysse Gosset is a former Director at France Télévisions Group, was chief operating officer and member of the board of France 24, in charge of News and Programming and former Director of the channel project for France Télévisions, has been anchor and executive producer of the show The Talk of Paris, on France 24, the first French International News Channel.

Ulysse Gosset was Editor in charge of national news at France 3 Televisions, France Télévisions Group, in Paris, prior to working with the International News Channel, France 24.

Ulysse Gosset began his career in public broadcasting where he covered international news, at Radios France Inter, France Info and France Culture between 1977 and 1993. In 1986

Gosset was named permanent envoy to Moscow for private network TF1 French Television and spent the next seven years covering the reforms of Mikhail Gorbachev, the fall of the Soviet Union and the rise of Boris Yeltsin: In 1993

Gosset was named head correspondent and bureau chief of TF1 in the United States where he covered the Clinton years and the arrival of George W. Bush to power. He also reported for French cable network LCI (La Chaine Info).

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