Panel 5: Building a Peaceful and Sustainable World

CEO, World Academy of Art and Science

Garry Jacobs is an American-born author, consultant and researcher on business management and economic development with extensive international experience in Europe and Asia. He is presently CEO and Chairman of the Board of the World Academy of Art and Science; Managing Editor of Cadmus Journal on economy, governance and security; and Vice-President of The Mother’s Service Society, a social science research institute in Pondicherry, South India.

Since 1972 he has been engaged in research on the application of Sri Aurobindo’s thought to economic and social development, management, global governance, international security, education, literary criticism, psychology and spirituality. His work includes theoretical research on social development, organizational theory and money as well as applied research on economic development, education and employment strategies.

From 1989 to 1994, he was Member-Secretary of the International Commission on Peace and Food, ICPF, convener of ICPF’s working groups on Employment and on Transition in Eastern Europe, coordinator of the ICPF research team that evolved a strategy to generate 100 million new jobs in India, and editor of the Commission’s report to the UN entitled Uncommon Opportunities: Agenda for Peace and Equitable Development. Jacobs is also a management consultant and partner in Mira International, a US-based consulting firm providing management guidance to firms in a wide range of industries in the USA, Europe and Asia.

His work includes assignments for small, medium and large corporations on strategies to elevate corporate values, accelerate growth, and improve profitability. He is co-author of two books on the process of corporate growth: The Vital Difference: Unleashing the Powers of Sustained Corporate Success, and The Vital Corporation: How American Companies Large and Small Double Profits in Two Years or Less. He is also author of a novel entitled The Book: The Spiritual Individual and the Living Organization as well as several hundred of published articles and working papers.

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