Panel 2: 
Realizing the Opportunities of a World in Transformation

Secretary General, Club of Rome

Ian Johnson is currently Chairman of the Commission for Land Use Change Ecosystems with GLOBE International and CEO of Idea Carbon, a London based consulting firm for emissions trading. He has been a long time advisor to the UNFCCC, a Member of the Swedish Commission on Climate Change and Development and served as Economist to the British Government. He has also acted as advisor to several governments, including Chile and the Netherlands.

Ian Johnson, a British national, was educated at the University of Wales, Harvard University and the University of Sussex. He spent over 25 years with the World Bank. He held the post of Vice President for Sustainable Development for eight years, responsible for policy, strategy and oversight of the World Bank’s programmes in environment, social policy and agriculture and rural development.

Since 1 April 2010, Ian Johnson has been Secretary-General of the Club of Rome based at the International Centre in Winterthur, Switzerland.

For more information about Ian Johnson, visit the Club of Rome website.

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