The Earth Dialogues forum is taking place on 3 September 2013 at the Palais des Nations and feature high-level speakers from all over the world.

From government representatives to students, and including international organizations employees and social entrepreneurs, the great variety of the speakers’ backgrounds will allow for very interesting and constructive discussions.

Find out more below on all the sessions, including the 5 thematic panels, and their speakers.

Download the Earth Dialogues 2013:

Opening Session

Panel 1(Watch online)Confronting the challenges of the 21st centuryPanel 2(Watch online)Realizing the opportunities of a world in transformationPanel 3(Watch online)Revitalizing multi-lateral cooperation and action – part 1: Energy, Climate & ResourcesPanel 4(Watch online)Revitalizing multi-lateral cooperation and action – part 2: Poverty, Food & WaterPanel 5(Watch online)Building a peaceful and sustainable world
ModeratorDarius RochebinSpeakersErnst Ulrich von Weizsäcker, PhDCorinne LepageDr. Hamadoun TouréRoberto D. PecceiBertrand PiccardMadeleine FeyockModeratorUlysse GossetSpeakersIan JohnsonRuud LubbersJerry C. JonesXavier LépineDimitri ZenghelisChristopher Mosch ModeratorDominique Martin-FerrariSpeakersHans Björn PüttgenMarie-Hélène AubertAnders WijkmanBrice LalondeDavide VassalloWilliam BeckerMirella JohlerModeratorOscar MotomuraSpeakersJean-Michel CousteauMohamed T. El-AshryJakob Von UexkullDr. Ashok KhoslaHauke AhrendModeratorJonathan GranoffSpeakersJane Youyun ZhangJulia Marton-LefèvreMohan MunasingheGarry JacobsMirian Vilela

Concluding Panel and Geneva Earth Dialogues Declaration  (Watch online)


Presentation of declaration:


  • Dr. Jan Kulczyk, Chairman, Green Cross International, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kulczyk Investments

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