‘Education for Sustainable Development’ conference in Russia

GC Russia hosted the 15th International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development at the International Independent Ecological-Political University (IIEPU) in Moscow, Russia on 27-28 June 2009.

The conference, held annually, seeks reform of the educational system to promote sustainable development in Russia and abroad, raise public awareness about the state of the environment and promote healthier living standards.
The multi-disciplinary conference brought together 134 teachers and experts in education and ecology fields, state representatives, public and academic organizations and other environmental service experts from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Discussions were held regarding the relationship of education to energy, health, environmental safety, protection of wildlife, water and organic farming.
Materials, manuals and other publications were especially designed and published for the event in order to help teachers, media and researchers in their quest to include sustainable development in the curriculum. In particular, the successful methods of teacher Victoria Samkova were presented as a case study in a publication titled “Sustainable Development: Methodological materials for the teacher.” A DVD was also designed for the Conference by Socio-Ecological Union (SEU) Biodiversity Conservation Centre titled “School protector of the nature.” The disc serves as a full-size electronic library with presentations, a handbook on practical activities, analysis, the benefits of environmental education, and movies.
Partners of the Conference included the Embassy of Finland in Russia, IIEPU and Green Cross Switzerland. The next International Conference on Education for Sustainable Development is planned for 29-30 June 2010 in Russia.
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