Environment Diary teams up with Yahoo Kids

In an effort to sensitive youth through environmental awareness initiatives, Green Japan’s Green Lane Environmental Diary has been successful in teaching schoolchildren about their daily impact on the environment and our influence on ecosystems around the world.

The purpose is to motivate schoolchildren in daily ecological activities, which eventually involve adults around them including parents, schoolteachers and neighborhoods. To date, the program is taught in 5,000 elementary schools and reached a total of 500,000 students over nine years. The campaign led by Green Cross Japan is about to experience greater visibility in Japan and abroad as Yahoo Kids has agreed to showcase the Green Lane website as a top page topic in the new Environment section in Yahoo Kids. The Green Lane column and link shown on the Yahoo Kids website is expected to reach a large target audience since every elementary school inJapan has access to the Yahoo Kids website to initiate children to theinternet. For the first time, environmental education will be taught at the same time as introductory classes to the internet in elementary school education.
Past collaborations between Green Cross and Yahoo have been successful to increase public outreach, sensitize thegeneral public and educate youth about environmental issues. In spring 2007, Global Green USA partnered with Yahoo’s Be a Better Planet campaign to offercities and communities smart, simple solutions to allow individuals to save money, save the environment and adopt a healthier lifestyle. The website offered dayto day examples of how individuals can change their own behavior while Global Green USA reinforced the website by providing information on how to influence actions of community, political and corporate leaders to engage in the effortto stop global warming.
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