Arms control

The United States and Russia, as the world’s “biggest possessors” of nuclear weapons, have 20,000 of these arms at their disposals. A fundamental objective of the Green Cross mission is to urge nuclear armed states to make deeper cuts in their stockpiles and, as soon as possible, end their atomic weapons programmes.

In 2011, the United States and Russia signed a new 10-year Strategic Arms Reduction treaty (START), which sets out the process each country must follow to reduce their nuclear arsenals, including warheads and launch systems. Green Cross actively promotes such treaties and other measures that can reduce arsenals further. 

Supporting efforts of the “the biggest possessors” (United States and Russia) to cut their nuclear numbers further will help overcome “perceived discriminatory regimes” for atomic weapons, inturn enabling efforts to curtail nuclear ambitions of other countries.

Green Cross also urges nuclear powers to reduce their alert statuses and remove warheads from active duty to ensure that nuclear weapons are not used in anger or in an accident.

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