New momentum towards the successful implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention

The Chemical Weapons Convention Coalition (CWCC), an international network of NGOs, academics, and activists was established by the ESS Programme in 2009 to expand and strengthen civil society’s role in supporting the CWC, the OPCW, and the goal of a world free of chemical weapons.

The Coalition currently consists of 66 collective and individual members, six more than in 2013, and continues to expand. The CWCC has brought together as many as 150 NGO representatives from across the globe.

The CWCC has been successful in expanding the number of participating civil society representatives from a dozen or so to over 100, coming from over 30 countries, at OPCW meetings through such activities as side events and Coalition meetings at the 19th annual CWC Conference of States Parties (CSP) in December 2014. It was also successful last year in having representatives of civil society speak for the third time in plenary session at the CSP. More information can be found at