Along with her Master’s in Business Administration, Faride Tirado was the Executive Director of Red Participacion Y Justicia ­– an organisation that supports NGOs through ground-level project management and fundraising as well as advocates the administrative strengthening of the justice system and democratic institutions in Bolivia.

In 2012, she became the President of Green Cross Bolivia (GCB) – a role that has allowed her to focus on developing projects supporting vulnerable lowland indigenous peoples and peasant communities in areas of justice, democracy, self-sustainability and environmental protection.

To date, under her leadership, GCB has facilitated many projects, counting the construction of 64 clean water installations including notably a 20 000 litre raised water tank, and has increased fruit production with the introduction of in-vitro technology, through GCI’s “Water for Life and Peace” and “Environmental Security and Sustainability” programmes respectively.

Her accomplishments before and during her time with GC Bolivia led to an unanimous vote during Green Cross International’s General Assembly in October 2017, electing her as a member of the Board.