Fissile Materials Working Group Receives NGO Leadership Award

The Fissile Materials Working Group received an NGO Leadership Award at the 2016 Nuclear Security Awards Luncheon on 31 March, organized by the Nuclear Industry Summit. Paul Walker, Green Cross International’s Environmental Security and Sustainability Director, was one of the group’s founders in 2009 and is still on its Steering Committee today.

The award was presented for the technical and policy work that has been accomplished by the coalition of 80 international organizations. It recognizes the contributions of each organizational partner and the coalition as a whole to secure, minimize and eliminate fissile materials, in support of the ongoing effort to continuously improve the nuclear security regime and to prevent nuclear terrorism.

The FMWG has been a principal sponsor, co-sponsor, and close advisor for every civil society Nuclear Security Summit since 2010. It has developed consensus recommendations and amplified the voices of member organizations.