For a fair deal on climate

The 9th International Climate Change Conference (CC9), organized by the Club of Madrid, the Bellona Foundation and Hafslund (a green energy company based in Norway) was held in Sarpsborg, Norway 4-5 June. The theme of this year’s conference was “Green Technology and Finance – Striking a Fair Climate Deal.”

Participants in the conference agreed upon a set of key messages.
Among the key messages are:
• A new climate deal must be underpinned by human rights.
• To achieve emissions reductions quickly, a sectoral approach is essential as a supplement to a comprehensive agreement.
• Accelerated development and deployment of low emission technology must remain a primary goal across the globe, and should be supported by smart public-private partnerships.
• To contain global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, we need a clear, transparent and predictable greenhouse gas reduction trajectory, with global participation. Proper financing is central to achieve this.
The participants agreed that humanitarian crises need to be built into the new international climate agreement to be agreed at Copenhagen in December. To ensure climate justice, they felt it is necessary that the new post Kyoto agreement reflect universally recognized human rights standards.
Benjamin Mkapa, Club of Madrid Member and former President of Tanzania, cautioned: “The issue of clean energy and adaptation is likely to appear to leaders from the developing world as a plot to keep them as under-developed, primary producers, and permanent markets for the goods of the developed industrial nation. This is why they will need massive assistance to be proactive parts of the solution to the problem of climate change and the promotion of green developing national economies.”
Over 100 public, private, academic and civil society representatives took part in CC9. Representing Green Cross was Masood Ul-haq, President of Green Cross Pakistan.
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