Fourth Nuclear Security Summit in Washington D.C., 31 March to 1 April

From 31 March 31 to 1 April, heads of state from more than 50 countries and the leaders of four international organizations will negotiate and finalize new commitments to improve nuclear security protocols around the world at the fourth Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) in Washington, D.C.

The Fissile Material Working Group (FMWG), of which Green Cross is a founding member and steering committee member, will organize an NGO event alongside the summit: “Solutions for a Secure Nuclear Future” will be held on Wednesday, 30 March at the JW Marriott Hotel. Green Cross will also co-organize a half-day session with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) on the morning of Thursday, 31 March at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, and will receive an award at the luncheon that day. The official government NSS will take place Friday, 1 April at the Convention Center.

Paul Walker, Green Cross Environmental Security and Sustainability programme Director, will deliver the opening address on Wednesday morning and will attend the official NSS dinner on Thursday evening at the US State Department.

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An early press briefing will be webcast live on Wednesday, 23 March at 12:30PM EDT at