Fruitful discussions at 10th Russian Dialogue on Chemical Weapons Destruction

On October 28th and 29th, Green Cross International, along with the support of the Russian government, celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Chemical Weapons Convention by holding a National Public Forum-Dialogue in Moscow to promote open discussion and active participation in the process.

The convention, which was signed by Russia on November 5, 1997, officially ratified the prohibition of chemical weapons, including the destruction of existing stockpiles and production facilities. The Forum, hosted by Green Cross Russia, was attended by representatives of all regions that have been affected by the stockpiling of chemical weapons as well as the destruction of these warfare agents. Sergey Baranovsky, President of Green Cross Russia, said that the forum “brought together all stakeholders in a cooperative and productive environment.”
The forum provided an update on the progress of chemical disarmament within Russia. Krzysytof Paturey, Director of Special Projects at the Organization for the Protection of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), said, “According to our records, so far Russia has destroyed 11,600 tons of chemical agents of the first category, representing 30% of its stock. The pace of Russia’s chemical disarmament is highest among other countries.”
Specifically, according to Andrey Shevchenko, Chief of the Scientific and Technical Center of Federal Services for the Safe Storage and Destruction of Chemical Weapons, the destruction process of these chemical weapons is almost complete in the Saratov region, the Maradykovskiy Kirov region, as well as in Kambarka. Such updates demonstrate the fact that Russia is committed to accomplishing its goals set forth by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1997. With the help of Green Cross Russia, Russia was able to celebrate this event as a sign of their progressive move forward and overall modernization.

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