Fukushima students among Green Lane Diary award winners

Green Cross Japan has awarded around 200 students, including several from disaster-affected communities in Fukushima, for their participation in the 13th annual Green Lane Diary contest.

Green Lane Diary is a 12-week curriculum-aligned free resource that enables teachers and students to learn about the stresses on our precious environment while finding solutions for a green future. Green Cross is currently operating the Green Lane Diary programme in numerous countries, including Japan, Australia, the Republic of Korea and Sri Lanka. 
The Japan award ceremony took place on 17 December 2011 in Tokyo. The winning students were aged from six to 12 years and came from all over Japan, along with teachers and parents, bringing the total number of participants in the award ceremony to around 500.
Among the winners were several students from the disaster-affected area of Fukushima, which was hit by a severe earthquake and tsunami on 11 March 2011 and suffered from a subsequent nuclear power plant explosion accident and radiation contamination. 
Two diary contest winners from Sri Lanka also participated in the ceremony with their attendance as part of their prize.
Green Cross International, founded by Mikhail Gorbachev, is an independent non-profit and nongovernmental organization working to address the inter-connected global challenges of security, poverty eradication and environmental degradation through a combination of high-level advocacy and local projects. GCI is headquartered in Geneva and has a growing network of national organisations in over 30 countries.



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