GCI congratulates Shoo Iwasaki on his 80th anniversary

Green Cross International (GCI) congratulates Green Cross Board International Director Shoo Iwasaki on his 80th anniversary.

Shoo Iwasaki is the founding president of Green Cross Japan, which was part of the inaugural group of Green Cross national organizations formed in 1994. Ever since, he has been a strong supporter of education and value change activities in his home country, Japan, and supported other members of the Green Cross family, including Sri Lanka, Republic of Korea and Australia, for the development of international programme activities in the area of education, energy and most recently for water and sanitation with the launch of Smart Water for Green Schools. Mr. Iwasaki is a Director of the GCI Board and over the last twenty years he has actively contributed to the development of the Green Cross network.

GCI Founding President Mikhail Gorbachev expressed his warmest wishes to Mr. Iwasaki: “I want to thank Shoo for his friendship that I have felt through all the time that we have known each other, and I want to wish him to have enough health, energy, understanding and support to conclude his projects and to see how his dreams materialize.”

Alexander Likhotal, GCI President added: “The entire Green Cross family is very pleased to address the best wishes to Shoo Iwasaki on this important anniversary. We send him our warmest Happy Birthday greetings and wish him many happy returns of this wonderful day. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank him for the invaluable contribution he has made over the last two decades to the development and evolution of our organization.”

Shoo is a former Nishi Nippon Broadcasting announcer and a graduate of Chuo University in Japan. He also holds honorary degrees from Kyonggi University in South Korea and from Emerson College in the US.