GCI inaugurates new office

Green Cross International on 18 May 2011 celebrated the official opening of its new offices in Geneva at 9-11 Rue de Varembe in premises that include Geneva’s International Conference Center (CICG) in the heart of the Geneva International community and nearby the United Nations.

International Telecoms Union Secretary-General, Dr Hamadoun Touré, and GCI Chairman Dr. Jan Kulczyk performed the traditional ribbon cutting ceremony. Dr. Kulczyk addressed the gathering and highlighted that today’s most pressing environmental challenges required more action and less talking, which is exactly what Green Cross intends to do from this new office. GCI President Alexander Likhotal thanked the Geneva authorities and the local and international community for its ongoing support.
Distinguished guests included Ambassador Laura E. Kennedy, Permanent Representative of the United States to the Conference on Disarmament and U.S. Special Representative for Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC) Issues and Swiss Ambassador Jean Francois Paroz from the political department of the federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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