GCI & Leonardo DiCaprio celebrate Tag Heuer’s 150th anniversary

The following is the transcript of the speech given by Leonardo DiCaprio at Tag Heuer’s 150th anniversary celebration 18 March in Basel, Switzerland. DiCaprio serves as the ambassador for Green Cross International’s partnership with TAG Heuer. 

Thank you.
Thank you very much.
I’m standing here today because TAG Heuer is a company that gets it. Because TAG understands that they have a corporate mission yes, but also a global mission, a mission that is bigger than all of us.
TAG Heuer is a company that has taken a stand for what it believes in.
It is no secret that in addition to my day job I also advocate on behalf of the environment. And I’m proud to be here today, celebrating a company that is standing up to give back to environmental non profit organizations along side me.
The ecological threats facing our planet do matter. They matter to me, they matter to TAG Heuer and they should matter to every country and corporation on this planet.
Some already get it. Some don’t.
TAG Heuer has shown they are a leader in the climate change movement because of the model they have employed, the model they have helped create.
By making meaningful donations to organizations like the National Resources Defense Council and Green Cross International as a part of their business model, TAG Heuer has shown other companies that they can do good AND make a profit.
I’m really excited about TAG’s limited edition Aquaracer 500 meter. Of course it’s a great timepiece, because TAG Heuer makes great timepieces. But even more than that, it is a statement. Buy a watch, help protect our planets resources. How simple – and meaningful – is that?
BUT while TAG Heuer is standing up to do its part, so many others haven’t gotten the message.
My hope is that TAG Heuer has paved the way so that other corporations can follow suit.
At the same time, governments must also do their part.
Last year, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reminded us that our climate and climate change are at the core of all every great challenge we face today.
We need to build a robust global political movement to accelerate our transition to clean fuels and sustainable energy.
Governments need to set an example, both through direct investment in environmental change and through policies that encourage private industry to act.
I’m proud to say that in the United States, we now have an administration in Washington that is starting to do its part in the fight against climate change.
President Obama believes in and understands the opportunities that a green revolution can bring to Americans. For once, green jobs and energy independence are on the radar.
Yet still, we are fighting to move clean energy legislation through our Senate.
In an effort to increase awareness, I recently joined with the NRDC to create the “This is Our Moment” campaign.
The goal is to raise awareness among everyday Americans, who will then put pressure on their elected officials to vote on the current clean energy bill.
If we don’t do this now, when will it ever get done? This is OUR Moment. And as we speak, the NRDC is working to deliver that message to American lawmakers.
I know that TAG Heuer understands the importance of “now.” Since its inception 150 years ago, TAG Heuer has been a socially responsible company, investing a vast amount of resources and ideas in important initiatives – from foundations to benefit children to sustainability initiatives.
With this partnership, TAG Heuer has become even more active on the environmental front than ever before.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Heuer family, particularly Jack Heuer who has made this company what it is today. And for all of his hard work and commitment to help save our planet, I’d like to thank the forward thinking, progressive CEO of TAG Heuer, Jean Christophe Babin.
His leadership distinguishes TAG Heuer from other companies, and I am excited to work with you and Tag Heuer.
Happy Anniversary, and thank you for inviting me to speak.

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