Ghana becomes newest member of Green Cross Family

Green Cross Ghana officially became the newest member of the Green Cross International (GCI) family following the approval by the Board of Directors at the annual meeting held 17-18 September in Zurich, Switzerland.

First established in May 2009 as a Preparatory Committee as part of the probationary period designed to allow new organisations to establish projects, the approval by the Board grants Ghana with full National Organization status.
At the meeting, the Board also approved the 2011 Budget as well as the establishment of Green Cross Poland as a Preparatory Committee. The revised By-Laws were also adopted and the board decided on the launch of a new programme under the name of Environmental Security and Sustainability that will also include the former Legacy of the Cold War Programme activities. Possible locations for the 2012 General Assembly were also discussed, as 2012 will represent the 20th anniversary of Green Cross’s inception. Held every two years, the last General Assembly took place on 15-16 January 2010 in Geneva.
The meeting concluded with a presentation on Climate Change, including an update of the current negotiation process on a new international climate deal by Climate Change Task Force Member (CCTF) Martin Lees.

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