Global Green USA President calls for Americans to reclaim their role as citizens

On Earth Day, Global Green USA President Matt Petersen called for Americans to reclaim their role as citizens and ring the closing bell on those fighting the creation of green jobs and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change in a statement he made at the Green Summit at the New York Stock Exchange.

Petersen also rang the Closing Bell at the Stock Exchange with actor Anthony Mackie, who recently starred in the Oscar-winning movie, The Hurt Locker and Sebastian Copeland, arctic explorer, photographer and GGUSA Board Member.
NYSE Euronext and Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute organized the summit in conjugation of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. The event featured leaders from the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, and the corporate and academic sectors, who explored ways to attain environmental sustainability while growing business and the economy through green business.
Matt Petersen’s Statement from NYSE closing bell:
“On this Earth Day, as our nation’s leaders and our business leaders debate much needed reform of our financial industry, let us all acknowledge and embrace together that the Earth is too big to fail. Humanity can live without banks too big to fail, but we cannot survive without clean water, air, and atmosphere the Earth provides to sustain life as we know it. 40 years ago we celebrated the first Earth Day. Today more and more companies have sustainable track records. More and more companies are leading the fight for climate change legislation. But today we need to ring the closing bell — on companies that continue to pollute our water, our air, and our atmosphere.
Today we need to ring the closing bell on the businesses, politicians and the media pundits that continue to fight legislation that will create green jobs, healthier communities and a sustainable future for all humanity. As Americans, we cannot just be responsible consumers, we must reclaim our role as citizens, active citizens. Our voices must be just like this renowned bell — they must be heard loud and clear. They must be heard through our pocket books and our votes – not just in this exchange – but in board rooms, school board meetings and city council gatherings throughout this great country.
We must act urgently to create a sustainable future for generations to come. We must reclaim our role as active citizens and lead the fight now to reduce global warming. Where we are now, Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, stands to be under water – this century – thanks to sea level rise due to global warming. On this afternoon this bell is a fire alarm, and we as citizens must come to the aid of the planet for the sake of future generations. Why? Humanity can not live without the Earth. The earth is too big for us to let it fail.”

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