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I am delighted to convey my greetings and best wishes on the occasion of Green Cross International (GCI) celebrating its 20th anniversary in September this year. This organisation is based on a vision and intent that clearly highlight the major challenges we face on planet earth.

With a rapidly increasing population and substantial increase in income and wealth, consumption of goods and services is growing with some serious implications for the sustainability of the global commons and the earth’s natural resources.

An organisation like Green Cross International, led by one of the greatest and most visionary statesmen of our times, President Mikhail Gorbachev, has already made a major contribution during the two decades of its existence so far.

The 20th anniversary of the organisation is an important occasion for reaffirming GCI’s commitment to the protection of the planet’s ecosystems and an important moment for mobilising resources from across the globe to mount a major effort at achieving environmental protection and sustainability of development and growth.

Ths is an occasion for all responsible citizens to celebrate irrespective of nationality, religion or avocation.

I am delighted to convey my felicitations on the occasion and use this opportunity to express my own admiration for the work that GCI is doing under the leadership of President Gorbachev.

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