About | Media | 20th Anniversary Home Events | PartnersTo celebrate Green Cross International’s 20th anniversary, we are staging a series of high-level events. These activities will focus attention on the inter-related challenges of environmental degradation, insecurity and poverty, profile our commitment to responding to these threats, and promote solutions to achieve a sustainable future for all.

Our 20th anniversary agenda will offer a rich selection of events, from thought-provoking discussions on the challenges of our day, to cultural activities geared towards prompting positive, solution-driven action in the areas of sustainable development, environmental conservation, peace promotion and poverty eradication.For information about the events, contact, and to register for activities being held 3 September at the United Nations Office at Geneva click here. You can download the events program by clicking here.   AprilMay   18th (0900GMT)                            21st

    20th anniversary      Andrei Gavrilov    press conferencepress conference
Watch online(Venue: Victoria Hall)(Venue: Swiss Press Club)  June-July  20th June

 Photo exhibit launch Quai Wilson, Geneva Switzerland (until 31 July)  September   2nd

   GCI General Assembly Green Star Awards Piano concert in honour    (Venue: CICG)(Venue: CICG) of GCI – Andrei Gavrilov
                                                                                                        (Venue: Victoria Hall)  September   3rd

  Earth Dialogues –      Musical: 2050 – the Future         Pathways into the Future:We Want  Triggers of Change                      (Venue: Assembly Hall,(Venue: Salle 20Palais des Nations,  Palais des Nations,UNOG)  UNOG)

 Note: To register for the two events being held at the United Nations Office at Geneva, click here.