Green Cross 20th Anniversary Events

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To celebrate Green Cross International’s 20th anniversary, we are staging a series of high-level events. These activities will focus attention on the inter-related challenges of environmental degradation, insecurity and poverty, profile our commitment to responding to these threats, and promote solutions to achieve a sustainable future for all.

Our 20th anniversary agenda will offer a rich selection of events, from thought-provoking discussions on the challenges of our day, to cultural activities geared towards prompting positive, solution-driven action in the areas of sustainable development, environmental conservation, peace promotion and poverty eradication.

For information about the events, contact, and to register for activities being held 3 September at the United Nations Office at Geneva click here. You can download the events program by clicking here.
   April                                                May
   18th (0900GMT)                            21st

    20th anniversary                             Andrei Gavrilov
    (Venue: Swiss Press Club)

  20th June
 (until 31 July)
   GCI General Assembly                  Green Star Awards                  Piano concert in honour


  Pathways into the Future:            We Want
  (Venue: Salle 20                             Palais des Nations,
  Palais des Nations,                        UNOG)

 Note: To register for the two events being held at the United Nations Office at Geneva, click here.