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Press releases:

Earth Dialogues Geneva Declaration: Act now on sustainability, Syria, no nukes (4 September, 2013)

Green Star Awards presented to environmental emergency heroes

Green Cross 20th anniversary Earth Dialogues to be broadcast live (22 August, 2013)

Young performers from around world visit UNOG ahead of major musical (21 August, 2013)

Mikhail Gorbachev: Leaders failing to face risks confronting humanity/sustainability perestroika needed (18 April, 2013)

Announcement of special concert by Andrei Gavrilov (21 May, 2013)

Press conferences:

Selected coverage:

Contact for interviews/video/photos/information:

Paul Garwood
Director of Communications
Green Cross International
Mob: +41797760454
Off: +41227891662
Skype: paul.garwood

Veronique Zehntner (for Andrei Gavrilov concert)
Mob: + 41792862484


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