Green Cross advertises Andrei Gavrilov’s 2 September piano concert

Green Cross is currently advertising Andrei Gavrilov’s piano concert on 2 September. This exceptional event will take place on the occasion of Green Cross International’s 20th anniversary. It will take place at 8pm in Victoria Hall, Geneva.

The presence of Andrei Gavrilov to support Green Cross International is an honour for the organization, as his performances have become more and more rare these last few years. Nevertheless, he remains a politically engaged artist who supports the actions he truly believes in.

2013 having been declared Year of Water Cooperation by the UNESCO, Andrei Gavrilov’s gala concert will help raise funds for Green Cross’s flagship access to water and sanitation project “Smart Water for Green Schools”. Launched in February 2010, this project has already been deployed in communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

On the occasion of this special event, Andrei Gavrilov will be playing Chopin and Prokofiev, both musicians of which he is considered a legendary performer. Don’t miss this exceptional event! Contact Green Cross today at More information about this event can also be found here.

Look for these ads on the Geneva public transportation (tpg)! More photos can be found here.

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