Green Cross Australia launches the 2013 Green Lane Diary

Green Cross Australia has launched the 2013 edition of its Green Lane Diary. This curriculum-linked educational program was designed to make children aware of the stresses our planet confronts and how sustainable living can make a difference. In this diary, students can keep track of their activities over a term and see how positive action can make a difference on their environment and daily life.

This project was launched 11 years ago by Green Cross Japan and was introduced as a pilot project in Queensland in 2010 before being extended to the whole country. In 2011, 31,000 students in over 300 schools took part in the adventure.

This Green Lane Diary project ultimately leads to a contest during which Diaries are judged and the best Green Lane Diary individual and class heroes celebrate with their school and family at a special event where their efforts are recognized and applauded.

This year, the Diary will solely be delivered through digital means, both through the Green Lane Diary website but also through an iPad application that can be downloaded from the AppStore for free.

So if you are an Australian student or teacher and are interested in this adventure, jump in! More information can be found on this webpage and on the Green Lane Diary website.

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