Green Cross Australia People’s Assembly concludes with a report to the Australian Government

The “People’s Assembly on Sustainable Solutions for Victims of Sea-Level Rise” concluded on 30 August by presenting a final report with recommendations for business leaders, scientists and policy makers on how best to tackle the issue of rising sea levels and refugee displacement. The panel, made up of 14 citizens, presented their report on the issue of rising sea levels and refugee displacement to the Climate Change and Water Minister’s Special Envoy on Climate Change.

The Assembly began on 29 August in Brisbane, Austral with the Citizen’s Panel asking a set of 25 questions to sixteen Australian experts regarding climate change mitigation, adaptation, governance and preparations for displacement. The Assembly follows four months of intensive briefing by leading Australian experts from the scientific, business, academic, defense, humanitarian and environment community sectors.
The People’s Assembly is a critical event in the mission of Green Cross to promote global interdependence and shared responsibility for a just, sustainable and secure future for all. In addition, currently no international convention addresses the issue of environmental displacement caused by rising sea levels and governments around the world need to incorporate actions to address climate change in future policies.
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