Green Cross awarded for work on UN Watercourses Convention

Green Cross has been awarded the WWF’s Leaders for a Living Planet Award in recognition of the organization’s role in bringing the UN Watercourses Convention into force. Green Cross International Water for Life and Peace Director Marie-Laure Vercambre accepted the award at a ceremony with LiFeng Li, Freshwater Programme Director at WWF International, and Alistair Rieu-Clark from Dundee University’s UNESCO-IHP center for Water Law.

Green Cross has collaborated with the World Wildlife Fund and other partners since 2006 to promote the Convention as a tool for global cooperation over fresh water – with the ultimate aim of helping tackle the global water crisis. Awareness raising campaigns on the need for sound legal frameworks to manage cross-border river basins have been led by Green Cross national organizations in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Argentina, South Korea, France, Italy and Poland. Of the 35 countries that have so far joined the Convention, 18 did so between 2006 and 2014.

The convention, text of which was adopted in 1997 after being negotiated during more than three decades at the UN, establishes basic standards and rules for cooperation between states on the use, management and protection of international watercourses.