Green Cross backs Illustra Maxima international illustration contest

Green Cross International (GCI) is supporting the second annual international illustration contest being launched on 21 May 2014 by IlustraMaxima, an organization focusing on blending arts and environment, created by Editorial Saure.  This contest is part of the fourth annual IlustraMaxima meeting.

The contest’s goal is to use art to increase global awareness on environmental challenges that threaten humanity and the planet.  In addition, IlustraMaxima hopes the contest will help raise funds for its own community and cultural projects.

The 2014 edition’s theme is biodiversity, with a special focus on issues surrounding plant and animal life, plus water, and the human impact on biodiversity. 

Jean-Francois Sauré, founder of the IlustraMaxima contest, said: “Graphic art is a beautiful way to interpret reality.  Its sensitivity helps us gather the will and desire to take part in projects that may not have been originally of interest to us.”

IlustraMaxima will provide artists with several maxims and aphorisms related to biodiversity and water, from which participating artists can choose up to three on which to base their works. Artists can use any medium to execute their interpretation.  An expert panel of judges will then select five art works to be awarded prizes.

“The contest gathers people from all walks of life to come together and illustrate, through the medium of art, important environmental themes,” said Mr. Sauré.

For the 2013 contest, 541 artists from all continents submitted 866 works of art. IlustraMaxima hopes to build on this success in 2014, and, in doing so, increase awareness on some of the most pressing issues facing the planet and humanity.

“Art, or in our case, social art, is what weaves together the threads of peace,” said Sauré.  “Placing art in the centre of our world opens up our minds, helps us clearly think about future decisions and unites us globally.”

To contribute to the values promoted by IlustraMaxima, donations can be made at:

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