Green Cross Belarus art contest awarded by the Russian Federation

On May 21st 2008, Green Cross Belarus was awarded the Laureate of 1st Degree by the EcoWorld National Ecological Premium of the Russian Federation, for the successful results obtained by the In My Homeland project.

The Green Cross Belarus In My Homeland project was launched on Earth Day in 2001, which gained international momentum four years later. In My Homeland encourages art of children’s perspectives regarding their homeland and its history, everyday life, traditions and humankind’s relationship with nature. The contest offers various themes from each year.
Since its inception, In My Homeland has involved over 12,000 schoolteachers, 25 countries and 47,000 youth. International exhibitions have been inaugurated in Belarus, Germany and Russia and complemented by the commercial release in six CDs and one DVD. The mission of the project is to stimulate ecological awareness in children and adults, to portray the natural beauty and culture of different countries around the world, to encourage the preservation of local habitats in all generations and foster closer ties between children and youths in different countries.
The Award ceremony will take place at the State Duma of the Russian Federal Assembly on June 3rd, 2008. Between June 1st and June 6th, the Duma will also host an In My Homeland exhibition.
For more information, please contact Vladimir Shevstov, Green Cross Belarus
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