Green Cross calls for deeper cuts in nuclear weapons

Green Cross has urged President Obama to reduce nuclear weapons far below today’s levels, in line with his commitment made earlier this year in Prague. The appeal was made in concert with a dozen other NGOs in a joint letter sent on 4 August, 2009 to the White House.

“The Nuclear Posture Review or NPR, currently being drafted by the Defense Department, needs to follow President Obama’s lead in de-legitimizing nuclear weapons as war-fighting tools and in lighting the way towards a world free of nuclear weapons, “ said Dr. Paul Walker, Director of Security and Sustainability Program of the US affiliate of Green Cross International, the Global Green USA.
“The current bilateral START negotiations are beginning this process, but we need to acknowledge that a far lower level of nuclear weapons and eventually abolition, as pointed out by President Obama, is the real target,” Dr. Walker pointed out.
In their letter to President Obama, the 13 NGOs laid out four basic principles:
(1) that nuclear weapons be used solely for deterrence;
(2) that nuclear weapons be prohibited from rapid launch in response to nuclear attack;
(3) that a total of 500-1,000 nuclear warheads, including both strategic and tactical and deployed and non-deployed weapons, be sufficient today; and
(4) that the U.S. not develop or produce new nuclear weapons designs with new military capabilities.
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