Green Cross Canada providing water filters in Haiti

Green Cross Canada is providing biosand filters to those affected by the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti that killed 300,000 and left another 1 million people homeless.

One year on, many people are still living in camps or temporary shelters, or at best in the ruins of their former homes. Crowded conditions, untreated waste, damaged infrastructure and run-off from the camps has impacted the water-quality, leading to an unprecedented outbreak of cholera.
Designed for household and community use, each biosand filter is about the size of an office water cooler and cleans enough water to meet the daily requirements of about ten people – including drinking, cooking and washing. The filters use natural filtration methods to remove contaminants (including cholera) from the water supply. Most of these filters have gone to schools, providing the children with clean water at school, rather than having to spend their days foraging for water and missing school.
With the support of the Pureology, GC Canada hopes to extend this project into more schools, in order to help thousands of Haitian children.

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