Green Cross Canada stepping out on the world stage

The newly formed Green Cross Canada (GCC) burst onto the world stage after receiving Preparatory Committee” status in March 2006. This summer, René de vries, GCC’s Director, represented Canada in the first Green Cross Nuclear National Dialogue in Moscow.

In October, Charles Caccia, GCC President, was invited to the prestigious Club of Madrid conference, focusing this year on “The Challenges of Energy and Democratic Leadership”. October also saw the Founding Meeting of GCC, with its first Board of Directors being held in Ottawa. GCC is also pleased to announce the addition of the Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada and the current Club of Madrid’s Secretary-General, to our National Council. In November, John Coo, GCC’s Vice-President, joined the Green Cross (GC) National Dialogue on Chemical Weapons in Moscow. GCC is becoming an active participant and contributor to the GC Legacy program.

Mr. Coo also visited Ukraine to explore the possibility of working with GC Ukraine in support of the health and therapy camps for children still affected by the Chernobyl disaster – part of the Green Cross SocMed program. This is all part of GCC’s determination to become engaged in international Green Cross International’s global activities and programs.

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