Green Cross Denmark participates in COP15 preparations

In preparation for the COP15 Conference planned to take place in Copenhagen between November 30thand December 11th 2009, the Danish Ministry of Environment has invited GC Denmark and numerous organisations, business leaders and environment ministers to take part in the COP15 preparation forums leading up to the Conference.

COP15 is an international event organised by the United Nations Climate Change Convention and hosted by Denmark. The purpose of the event is to devise realistic strategies to curb climate change and establish a worldwide climate change agreement forratification by the world’s ministers of environment. Participants attending the conference consist of ministers of environment and international organisations from 189 different countries.
Invited by the Danish Ministry of Environment, GC Denmark and representatives from NGOs attended the first COP15 preparatory forum on March 25th. GC Denmark will participate in the COP15 Forums leading up to the conference. The main goal of the COP15 Forum is to secure a process based on common understanding and interchange of information between governments and international organisations leading up to the COP15 Conference in Copenhagen. The concept of the Forum is to further the possibility of creating contacts and synergy between the various groups involved in activities before and during the COP15 Conference. The Danish government has also assembled a climate panel with a special focus on climate issues relating to the manufacturing, commercial and industrial sectors of Danish commerce. The commercial climate panel has been assembled from representatives from the leading commercial and research organizations in Denmark and will function as an advisory organ regarding commercial and industrial issues and activities related to COP15.
During the COP15 Forum, Minister of Development Ulla Tørnæs and Minister of Climate and Energy Connie Hedegaard opened the proceedings, and in the opening account Connie Hedegaard expressed her worries regarding climate change in relation to severe poverty. Ulla Tørnæs related that rapid climate change poses a threat to the UN poverty reduction goals of 2015: “The poorest countries lacks the most basic of resources and capacity to withstand the climate changes which poses a grave threat to the social and economic development of these countries. If left unchecked, the effects of climate change present a risk of faltering the progress that has already been accomplished in poverty reduction”. The Danish government has taken important steps to demonstrate a climate friendly path to development for the developing world by providing monetary development aid in 2005 and by sharing Denmark’s experiences as an industrialized country with low energy consumption patterns.

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