Green Cross establishes eco-friendly agricultural project in Burkina Faso

Green Cross introduced improved agricultural production methods using irrigation and solar power near Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou, to protect the environment and promote peace between communities. 

This pilot project, conducted during 2010-11, is increasing awareness among farmers on improved agricultural methods and installs solar-powered water pumps to ensure food security and avert negative environmental impacts. These methods aim to reduce reliance on and build-up of agrochemicals. This in turn will lower CO2 emissions thereby protecting the climate, stop involuntary production of dioxins, and increase agricultural output.

Over 1,500 people have been trained in composting, including over 200 to “expert” level, and 750 composting sites are operational. Also, 400 people have been trained in cultivating soil and 3,000 trees were planted. Water pumps have also been restored, and more than 70 people trained in integrated water management, leading to improved use of water as well as recorded decreases in water-related diseases. 
The project was funded by Green Cross Switzerland and Swiss authorities, and was implemented by Green Cross Burkina Faso under the guidance of the Environmental Security and Sustainability programme.
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