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The following text is the transcript of the speech, delivered in Polish, by Dr Jan Kulczyk, PhD, Chairman of Green Cross International (GCI), to the GCI General Assembly on 2 September 2013, in Geneva, Switzerland.

20 years may not be much in the history of the world but 20 years is a lot in the history of any organization.

It seems to me that the last 20 years in the history of the world have shown that the pace at which the world has been changing, and the size of the world’s population, require us to look at the world from an entirely different perspective.

They show us that the most important problems that we were facing 20 years ago are of secondary importance now; while that what is most important in this day and age, and the fact that it is no coincidence that we have today with us two Nobel Peace Prize laureates, goes to show that today the biggest threat is not war but the shortage of water, climate change and, sadly, the growing prevalence of poverty.

I think that as an organization, which can boast such achievements, should also start to discuss the problems that will be the most important ones in the next 20 years when the world population will reach not seven, but nine billion.

I would like to express a wish that our discussions are not merely seen as productive by those gathered here in this room, but that they also show us, Europeans, and the whole world, that we should understand the threats and opportunities faced by this world.

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