Green Cross helps Danish companies go green

A new online community portal is providing 10 practical tools on how small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can strengthen their competitiveness in the green market. The portal is the result of collaboration between the Danish Ministry of Environment, Confederation of Danish Industry, Aalborg University and Green Cross Denmark.

How can we design our products to be more environmentally friendly? What environmental measures can strengthen our competitiveness? Through the new environment portal,, Danish companies can find 10 tangible tools they can use to become a part of a new green and resource efficient economy.

Environment Minister Ida Auken praised, saying its overarching mission was to promote sustainable development.

“The harsh reality is that small businesses have enough to contend with in everyday life. It can be a challenge to find the resources to integrate the environment into their business. Therefore, we now provide enterprises with concrete and easily accessible tools to make their products and services more environmentally friendly to equip them for the future. In this way we focus on a healthier environment, while also creating opportunities for growth and jobs”, says Environment Minister Ida Auken.

Some of the main tools offered by include a guide for:

  • Achieving eco labels such as the Nordic Ecolabel and the European Ecolabel;
  • Companies on whether they live up to the requirements for green public procurement;
  • Working with the suppliers environmental impact.

Working with their environmental impact is a way for SMEs to enhance competitiveness. In this light, the Ministry of the Environment, Aalborg University, environment and development organization Green Cross Denmark and Confederation of Danish Industry teamed up to create the new environmental portal,

“If Denmark is to remain a leader in green solutions, it is essential that there is good cooperation between authorities, researchers, NGOs and businesses,” said Lars Goldschmidt, director of Confederation of Danish Industry, “It is also a great help when there is a common understanding of the tools that can allow companies to transition to more sustainable, greener practices, whether you produce solutions for environmental challenges, or improve the running of your company.” has been realised through support from the European Union’s natural and environmental fund, LIFE +.

At, companies can, besides the 10 tools, also take a test on where they can obtain knowledge of what it takes to ensure their products can obtain the ecolabels Blomsten or Svanen, which certify that the company’s products meet a high environmental standard within their field of operation.


Lasse Grossen
Green Cross Denmark

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