Green Cross International at the 10TH AGEE and the 4th Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction, Geneva, May 2013

Between May 15th and May 23rd 2013, the GCI Environmental Emergency Preparedness team (Vladimir Sakharov and Thomas Gelsi) attended two major events in Geneva.

AGEE Forum 2013

The Advisory Group on Environmental Emergencies (AGEE) is an international forum held every two years that brings together environmental experts and disaster managers from around the world to share information, experiences and lessons learned to improve prevention, preparedness and response to environmental emergencies. This year a special focus was also given to the integration of environmental concerns into humanitarian action.

The AGEE was organized by the Joint UNEP/OCHA Environment Unit (JEU), the United Nations mechanism to mobilize and coordinate international emergency assistance to countries affected by environmental emergencies caused by natural disasters, industrial accidents and complex emergencies with significant environmental and humanitarian impact.

During the event, the Environmental Emergencies Centre (EEC) was officially launched. The EEC is a joint OCHA and UNEP online support tool for national and regional capacity development activities in response to industrial and technological accidents, and the environmental impacts of natural disasters and complex emergencies.


The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction is the world’s foremost gathering of stakeholders committed to reducing disaster risk and building the resilience of communities and nations. The Global Platform is organized by UNISDR, the secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

The biennial Fourth Session of the Platform was held in Geneva over 21-23 May 2013. Chaired by Switzerland, it brought together over 3,500 participants from 172 countries with representation from national and local governments, inter-governmental organizations, non-government organizations, mayors and parliamentarians, communities, business, academia and science.

During both events, Green Cross International advocated for the cause of preparedness for industrial disasters, highlighting that populations have the right to be aware of hazards surrounding them and to be prepared for emergencies. GCI warmly thanks the Joint OCHA/UNEP Environment Unit and the UNISDR Secretariat for their welcome and support as well as other partners for their collaboration, especially the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Green Cross International together with its partners calls the UNISDR to include environmental emergencies as a key issue for the next version of the Hyogo Framework for Action.

Green Cross is inviting the private sector, in particular insurance companies to partner in order to ensure the safety of populations living near industrial sites and to reduce the costs of industrial accidents. Find out more!

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