Green Cross International joins newly created World Entrepreneurship Forum

The World Entrepreneurship Forum is the first worldwide think-tank dedicated to entrepreneurship and its role in society. The forum brings together more than 70 participants of the highest level: entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, political decision-makers and international experts. The forum will develop recommendations around the theme: “Entrepreneurship as a creator of economic wealth and social justice”.

On the occasion of the creation of the Forum, GCI President Alexander Likhotal highlighted its crucial role ; he said : « In a world too often driven by short-term considerations and sometimes trapped in the past, the concept of entrepreneurship has never been so relevant. This world is in need of new entrepreneurs capable of not only developing new markets and boosting economic growth, but also of stimulating a new vision in which profits and sustainable development are compatible and intertwined. It’s a common belief that business is the direct or indirect cause of most ecological challenges, including climate change, but it is becoming increasingly evident that the business community is also one of the few actors left on the planet large enough, well-managed enough and resourceful enough to contribute to solve the problems facing us. Economic growth without social and environmental development is not sustainable but sustainable development is not achievable without economic growth. For all these reasons, I fully support the creation of the World Entrepreneurship Forum who will I am sure act as a catalyst to stimulate new ideas, visions, and values to face new challenges and improve the state of this planet. »
The first meeting of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, created under the high patronage of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, will take place in Evian on November 13-15th, 2008. GCI will be an active contributor to the event.
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