Green Cross International partners with TAG Heuer and Leonardo DiCaprio

Green Cross International and TAG Heuer have come together to form a partnership, where actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio will serve as the ambassador to support the activities of Green Cross International (GCI) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in the US.

In addition, Mr. DiCaprio also provided a multi-million dollar commitment to support environmental charities. “TAG Heuer and I will be making donations to NRDC and Green Cross International as well as other influential and effective environmental organizations,” says DiCaprio. “Each and every day, these organizations are doing important work to protect our planet’s resources for future generations. Hopefully, our donations will help expand their reach and raise their profile.”
GCI welcomes this new tie-up with Tag Heuer and Mr. DiCaprio for the benefit of the environment. “We are particularly excited to start this new relationship with Tag Heuer and Leonardo. This could herald new green partnerships that the world needs now,” said Alexander Likhotal, GCI President.
Co-writer, co-producer and narrator of The 11th Hour, a well-received 2007 documentary on the world’s eco-system, DiCaprio speaks regularly on ecological issues and is a deeply engaged activist. Like DiCaprio, TAG Heuer, one of the largest and fastest growing luxury Swiss watch brands, is also socially engaged and this partnership with GCI demonstrates their commitment to helping the environment.
“TAG Heuer is a strong brand with a proven commitment to doing good,” said DiCaprio. “It is a great day when a company as respected as TAG Heuer explores a different way to do business-selling products and giving back at the same time. I’m very excited to start this new partnership.”

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