Green Cross International to be restructured

At the Board meeting of Green Cross International (GCI), the GCI Board members named Martin Bäumle as interim Chairman of the Board of GCI until the General Assembly in the fall of 2017. At the same time, a task force headed by GCI Chairman Martin Bäumle was established for the urgent financial restructuring and the preparation of the General Assembly. Based on figures known to date from the GCI’s 2016 annual financial statements, the organization is illiquid. Furthermore, the organization capital is at a minus CHF 1.7 million. Due to the unfortunate financial situation, the GCI Board decided to conduct an in-depth investigation of the business practices of the previous financial officers of GCI. It cannot be excluded that monies from funds earmarked for a special purpose have been used to cover the administration of GCI.

“The excess leverage of the organization capital is to be cut quickly by reducing the administrative expenses, such as office space and personnel, to achieve a positive organization capital by 2018,” said Martin Bäumle, Chairman of GCI. Unfortunately, in the restructuring process, some GCI employees will have to go. Other actions include contacting major GCI donors to get the organization back on solid footing. Bäumle is confident that, “with a new and more efficient structure and lower administrative costs, it is possible to stabilize GCI by 2018 and support additional projects of national Green Cross organizations from 2019 on; as well as generate income from other donors”. According to Martin Bäumle, the sole objective of Green Cross Switzerland is to serve the purpose of the movement as a whole and carry on the beliefs of founder Mikhail Gorbachev.

“The liquidity problems of Green Cross International do not affect the ongoing programs of Green Cross Switzerland in the least,” emphasizes Nathalie Gysi, Executive Director of Green Cross Switzerland. “The therapy camps and the mother-and-child projects in the Chernobyl region of our Green Cross partners in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldavia and in Japan will continue, as before, with donations from Green Cross Switzerland,” says Gysi. This continuity also applies to the Legacy of the Cold War and the Water-Life-Peace programs.

Green Cross International (GCI), founded by Mikhail Gorbachev, is an independent, non-profit non-governmental organization, acting through advocacy at the highest level and through local projects to combat the interrelated global challenges of security, the fight against poverty and the destruction of the environment. GCI maintains a growing network of national organizations in over 30 countries.

Green Cross Switzerland is a financially and organizationally independent member of GCI and works to overcome the consequential damages from industrial and military disasters and to clean up contaminated sites from the Cold War era. A top priority is the improvement of the quality of life of people affected by chemical, radioactive and other kinds of contamination and the promotion of sustainable development. The environmental organization Green Cross Switzerland is Zewo-certified.

For additional information, please contact Martin Bäumle, Chairman of the Board of Green Cross International: 079 358 14 85, or Nathalie Gysi, Executive Director of Green Cross Switzerland: +41 043 499 13 10.