Green Cross International takes part in first meeting of the World Entrepreneurship Forum

Green Cross International, represented by president Professor Alexander Likhotal, took part in the first World Entrepreneurship Forum held under the high patronage of French President Nicolas Sarkozy November 13-15 in Evian, France. The event brought together famous entrepreneurs from all over the globe coming from a variety of backgrounds including business and social entrepreneurs meeting and resulted in several recommendations for the upcoming year, including the need to promote a positive image of entrepreneurship, encourage the creation of entrepreneurship education curricula, as well as develop early education experimental curricula that simulate creativity and critical thinking skills was suggested.

The participation of GCI in the Forum highlights the importance of the increasing interconnectedness of the business sector and environment. Due to the fact that the business sector is largely well managed and rich in resources, it possesses great potential to initiate necessary environmental changes. As Professor Likhotal stated at the event, ” the main agenda for an entrepreneur role is to be the agent of change because there are only two options: either the entrepreneur will be an obstacle to the change and therefore will not be successful, or he will become a real agent of change.”
The Forum was founded by the EMLYON Business School “Entrepreneurs for the World” Foundation as well as KPMG International to focus on the central role of entrepreneurs in society. As the first worldwide think-tank dedicated to entrepreneurship and its role in society made up of 96 members representing 35 different nationalities, the World Entrepreneurship Forum brings together distinguished personalities from the around world in order to facilitate open, creative, and challenging discussions. With the first Forum largely considered a success, the next Forum is planned for November 18-22. 2009.
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