Green Cross International welcomes new family member: GC Uzbekistan

Green Cross International is pleased to announce the establishment of a national branch in Uzbekistan as of April 2008. For many years, the Republic of Uzbekistan has experienced a range of human and environmental catastrophes ranging from environmental degradation and resource scarcity to public health issues, mainly as a result of the deterioration and desertification of the Aral Sea water basins and industrial pollution.  Green Cross Uzbekistan will strive to address these issues in accordance with the Green Cross mission to help ensure a just, sustainable and secure future for all.

As a demonstration of his commitment to all of GC’s endeavors, Yunusov Marat, President of GC Uzbekistan, stated that “today the world frequently faces environmental problems directly and indirectly resultant of human intervention. Unfortunately not all understand that the person and the nature are one whole component of the world and are interdependent upon each other. This kind of ignorance leads people to a range of disasters: poverty in the world, civil and national wars, ecological and humanitarian catastrophes; as is the case of our Uzbek country. In this sense the role of Green Cross International’s missions is very important. New, National Organizations all over the world, are necessary in order to be more effective and efficient. I am sincerely proud to become part of the Green Cross family and look forward to make a considerable contribution to my country by the way of resolving ecological and humanitarian problems.”
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