Green Cross Italy Antarctic blog: What will tomorrow’s weather be?

What will our planet’s future weather be? What kind of climate changes will we face in the next 20 years? Should we expect freezing temperatures rather than tropical heat waves?

A group of Italian scientists who are beginning an exciting South Pole research expedition answered students’ questions over Skype during an exchange organized Tuesday by Green Cross Italy with ENEA and the Rome Children’s Museum: “Che tempo che farà (What will happen to the weather)”.

This is the 31st expedition by the science ship Italica. According to Paolo Nicolai, and the other researchers from the Antarctic Technical Unit (ENEA), this Antarctic mission is not solely about climate changes and ozone depletion. It also offers an opportunity to make important marine biology discoveries and, of course, embark on an exciting adventure.


The expedition’s Scientific Coordinator, Giorgio Budillon, is maintaining a ship’s log throughout the voyage. Readers can follow his experiences directly on the Green Cross Italy website.

“Studying the Antarctic seas and the South Ocean is fundamental to understanding the global oceanic circulation and its influence on the climate. Once finished collecting the krill, marine sediments and CO2 samples, we will bring back on board the “moorings” that have screened the ocean bottom for the last two years and gathered useful information on our planet’s climate situation and forecasts.”

The meeting was part of a Green Cross Italy promotional campaign and environmental educational programme designed to encourage and share Italian schools’ most interesting initiatives and experiences.