Green Cross Italy connects youth with Antarctica

On 18 January 2011, over 80 primary and secondary school students gathered at the Explora Children’s Museum in Rome to call the Mario Zucchelli Italian station in Antarctica to talk with researchers about their work and the effects of climate change on the arctic. 

Titled Antarctica, barometer of climate change and organised by Green Cross Italy, the event marked the third event of the school year as part of the Earth Charter Italian Youth Contest. The event aimed to provide students with a lesson on climatology, highlighting the current problems and the importance of research in the study of climate processes and biodiversity.

“The Zucchelli station provides an important contribution to the study of climate change and thus GC Italy seeks to communicate the results and merits of this valuable research being done in Antarctica,” said the President of Green Cross Italy Elio Pacilio. “As GC Italy puts a lot of focus on the issue of climate change, each year the students participating in our contest are involved in a project where they become young reporters of climate change.”

Moderated by Giorgio Budillon, professor of University of Naples “Parthenope” and scientific coordinator of oceanographic campaigns at the National Research Programme in Antarctica (PNRA), the children spoke to the head of the expedition Alberto Della Rovere and scientific coordinator Laura Zucconi. This year 140 people will take part in the expedition conducting research projects in various fields including geology, paleo-climate, climate processes, biodiversity, development and adaptation of Antarctic organisms.

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