Green Cross Italy hands out award for Best Environmental Documentary

Green Cross Italy has awarded the special prize for the Best International Documentary dedicated to the environment to a Finnish filmmaker. “Recipes For Disaster” by John Webster deals with the reduction of CO2 emission and energy consumption in daily life.

Finnish filmmaker John Webster won the special prize for the Best International Documentary for his film

The 11 films in competition for the Green Cross Award were judged on concept, editing and production, and total assessment. In the end, the members of the jury decided on “Recipes for Disaster” due to the family involvement and simplicity of the film. The jury included Claudio Bonivento, movie director and filmmaker; Francesco Dominedò, actor and movie director; Federica Cellini, journalist and documentary film maker; Elena Martelli, cinema and television journalist; Paolo Odinzoff, automotive journalist and Marco Gisotti, journalist and newspaper editor.

In the film, the director and main character embarks on an experiment to reduce CO2 emissions. For a year the young Finnish family stops using their car and plastics and began to review their habits. After a year, the Webster family reduced their CO2 production by 52%, from 18.727 to 9.072 kg.
Not only did the “green” family manage to reduce their carbon footprint but they also began to spend more time together through the use of public transport for daily trips. John, his wife and children used the train for longer trips and the rowboat for short trips.
The Webster family, the main characters of the film “Recipes for Disaster”

The Webster family, the main characters of the film “Recipes for Disaster”

The movie director demonstrates with humour that every family can help to reduce environmental pollution without completely changing their habits. “Perhaps everyone in the world will soon have a new member in the family: King Climate Change,” says Mrs. Webster. “We must change the way we live if we want to save the planet.” As stated best by the filmmaker himself: “People can overcome almost any problem, but first they must overcome themselves.”
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