Green Cross Japan awarded National Energy Globe Award

Green Cross Japan has been awarded the National Energy Globe Award for their Environmental Diary Programme, “Realizing ecological life style through the Environmental Diary.” GC Japan won first place in Japan for the National Energy Globe Award among 769 submissions from 111 nations for its unique Environmental Diary programme. In addition, the programme was selected as one of three nominees for the Energy Globe World Award in the category “Youth,” marking the first time a Japanese candidate was nominated for the World Awards in its 10 years history.

The awards ceremony was held on 14 April in Prague, Czech Republic as the opening event for the informal meeting of the EU environment ministers and attended by renowned personalities such as EU President Mirek Topolànek, EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas, Nobel Prize Winner Rajendra K. Pachauri and Czech Environment Minister Martin Bursik as award presenters.
This year marks the 10th year of operation of the Environmental Diary, during which 600,000 elementary school kids have written a diary containing their daily ecological activity and 50,000 kids have participated in the 3-month diary contest. Last year alone, 100,000 kids participated in the programme in Japan with a further 5,000 kids participating in Sri Lanka. GC Japan plans to extend the programme to other countries. The programme seeks to provide environmental education for kids but it also seeks to influence adults through the education of kids, who in turn involve family members, teachers and the community.
For more information on the Energy Globe Award, please visit the Energy Globe Award website.
For more information on the environmental diary, please contact Tom Kawamoto, GC Japan.

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